Who’s at The Mill

The members of our cooperative are our tenants, coworkers, tutors and others who use our facilities. They come from a wide range of sectors including: digital creatives, artists and craftspeople; business support; health and wellbeing; campaigning groups; researchers; educational consultants and more. Many live at the award winning Lancaster Cohousing eco community, next door to the Mill. Others come from the local village, Lancaster, the Lune Valley or further afield.

Alison Cahn

Alison Cahn is a writer, communications consultant and film maker. She works part time for Lancaster University’s Environment Centre, is a partner in Forgebank Films, a director of Halton Mill and helps manage The Hive.  

alisoncahn@gmail.com;  www.alisoncahn.com07946 488959

Andrea Brook

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Andrea is a mixed-media artist with a love of bookmaking and calligraphy.

Email: andreabrook2@btinternet.com

Bettina Röhricht – Translator & Coach

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Bettina is a freelance translator with 19 years of experience, translating from English and Portuguese into German. Bettina’s specialties are politics (EU, international relations and agreements, environmental policies, etc.), the environment and pedagogy/education.

She works for a range of clients, such as translation agencies, publishing houses, international organisations, government institutions and universities.

As a coach Bettina helps other freelance translators succeed – whether that means expanding their client base, landing translation jobs they love, getting a grip on their marketing or simply improving their work-life balance. https://www.facebook.com/BettinaRoehricht/; https://www.proz.com/profile/699557

Carole Ashby – Artist

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Email: carole_ashby@yahoo.co.uk

Catriona Stamp – Artists Books

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At the moment Catriona is excited by botanical drawing, making slab pottery – often based on nature, sculptural paper work using paper, maps, or Tyvek, creating scenes inside little recycled boxes, and print (lino, monoprint, and digital prints from manipulated photographs). In the past Catriona has made artists books, done scraperboard, etching, collographs and screenprints on paper and on banners, site or archive interventions, and created sound art and rust embroideries. Catriona is inspired by nature and our relationship with the world and each other.

Chris Coates – carpenter, author, performer

As well as being a Green Elephant director and Mill caretaker/site manager, Chris is a carpenter, author and performer who makes things and makes things happen. He has a long history in the cooperative movement and is a former Green Party councillor.

Claire Potter – Author

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Claire Potter is author of the Little Blighters parenting books and writes articles for The GuardianThe Green ParentSAGA magazine and other publications on family, food, travel and quirky things to do. In connection with her book Getting the Little Blighters to Eat, Claire runs a consultancy service for parents to change their child from a fussy eater to a happy, healthy eater. She also writes a magazine for teens learning English around the world and is often on the lookout for real life teens to feature on topics from going to boarding school to being a geek!



Getting the Little Blighters to Eat


Dawn Keyse – Complete Homeopathy

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Dawn is our local friendly homeopath. She offers her one to one and family consultations from Dacrelands Clinic at Skerton. She has almost 25 years’ experience in working with homeopathic medicine to help people enhance their health exponentially. Dawn is also passionate about using food and diet for increased wellness and she has a Diploma in natural nutrition and naturopathy. She offers talks, workshops and certificate courses in nutritional healing from the seminar room at Halton Mill. www.completehomeopathy.biz ;  dawnkeyse@gmail.com

Facebook: Dawn Keyse Complete Health and Homeopathy 07515 426670

Duxbury Designs

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Katie Duxbury is a costume and fashion designer inspired by colour, historical fashion and the natural world. She creates unique pieces for exhibitions, events and special occasions, as well as working as a freelance costume maker and dresser in theatre.

Fiona Frank

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Fiona is an oral historian, networker, author, podcaster, project consultant (with Soundboard Consultancy), mentor, Zoom trainer and CV writer. She retired in 2020 from roles as Projects and Outreach Manager Scottish Council of Jewish Communities and Operations Manager at Halton Mill. She is still a director of Green Elephant and Operations Manager at Halton Mill . She dedicates much of her time to promoting the art of her aunt,  Glasgow artist Hannah Frank (1908-2008). She has become a Zoom expert during the pandemic and offers tailormade Zoom training (www.tinyurl.com/fionazoomtraining)
tel 07778 737681
email fionafrank@gmail.com

Forgebank Films

Camera woman/editor Frances Bowen and BAFTA winning producer Alison Cahn produce high quality promotional and educational videos with a documentary feel. They specialise in the environmental, community and educational sectors, helping individuals and organisations tell their stories. .
Tel: 07946 488959
Email: alisoncahn@gmail.com

Halton Lune Hydro

Halton Lune Hydro raised more than £1 million through a community share offer to build England’s biggest community owned hydro on a weir near Halton Mill, which now provides us with clean, renewable electricity.
Tel: 01524 220010
Email: kevin.frea@haltonlunehydro.org

Janet Mary Robinson- Artist

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Janet is an artist and teacher at Halton Mill. Janet’s classes are open to all, from beginners to those with more experience. She aims to introduce people to a variety of techniques in an enjoyable supportive atmosphere. The main focus is on drawing, acrylics, and watercolour painting. Nature is Janet’s main inspiration and features in most of her artwork, and more recently, sculpture. Please get in touch if you’d like to join a class. You can view her work at https://jmr.org.uk/.

Jan Maskell

Jan is a Chartered Psychologist, registered as an Occupational Psychologist with the Health and Care Professionals Council, and works as a freelance consultant focusing on personal and organisational development. She is a tutor for leadership and management development programmes at Lancaster University, an executive coach, and works with individuals and businesses to improve their environmental sustainability.

Email: jnmaskell@gmail.com    Mobile: 07715 712992

Jo Lyon- Knowledge Management Specialist, Forum for the Future

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Jo works remotely from the Mill for Forum for the Future, a global non-profit organisation, working in partnership with business, government, and civil society to accelerate the shift towards a sustainable future. She supports colleagues around the world on knowledge management, information management, digital collaboration and learning.

Linked in: http://linkedin.com/in/lyonjo  ;    https://www.forumforthefuture.org/

Jono Symonds Photography

Jono is an award winning wedding photographer who travels the world capturing couples’ stories on their special day.
Tel: 07935 740675
Email: info@jonosymonds.com

Luke Mills- LuneLab Makerspace

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Luke manages LuneLab Makerspace in the background, so whilst you may not see him there very often, he does exist! Luke deals with membership, admin, tools, equipment, supplies, etc. However,his main jobs are home educating his children, running the community car club, being the local Parish Clerk and more recently helping setup Lune Valley Community Land Trust.

LuneLab’s website is: http://www.lunelab.org.uk and our Facebook group for members is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lunelab/

Luneside Computers

James Bellarby
Tel: 07751 330181
Email: james@bellarby.co.uk

Luneside Consulting Ltd

Steve Wrigley, a Chartered Engineer, runs Luneside Consulting from the Hive. Specialising in community energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency and most things ‘Sustainable’ that need either a project manager or technical consultant.
e mail: steve@lunesideconsulting.co.uk
phone: 07929 167795

Man on the Lune

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Man on the Lune is an Illustrator, Animator & Family Man living in the Lune Valley.

You can see his regular doodles on social media @ManOnTheLune. In between working on prints and commissions, Man on the Lune publishes ‘Lune Valley Adventures’ – the highly sought after comic featuring doodled recipes, events and games.

To see more illustrations, purchase limited prints or hire Man on the Lune for commissions – just visit www.manonthelune.co.uk

Mandy Blackwell Recruitment

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Mandy Blackwell Recruitment is a boutique recruitment agency that helps people in the Lancaster area find new jobs with local companies. We work in Finance, sales, marketing, engineering, IT and many more sectors.

If you want to find talented new staff, or, find a rewarding new job please see Mandy Blackwell Recruitment Agency Lancaster website where you will find a list of our vacancies and a contact number.

Miles Doubleday- Miles Doubleday Software

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Miles is a self-employed software developer specializing in database and web development.

The Mill also lets Miles explore his other enthusiasms: cooking and music making. Miles has fed many happy people at his Masala Kitchen popup and Xmas lunches. Musical contributions include solo synth for yoga sessions, events with his band, Elephant In The Room, and playing piano at occasional lunchtime concerts.


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Moonloft is an ethical Web & Graphic Design company, run by Adele Armistead and Sarah Maginness. They are fluent in all aspects of design from logos and branding; printed materials; advertising; vehicle graphics and website design.
Tel: 01524 489510 or 07967 727623
Email: adele@moonloft.com

MORE Renewables

More Renewables is a community energy organisation for the Morecambe Bay area and owns the solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Mill.
Email: info@morerenewables.co.uk

Rachel Hearne Jewellery

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Rachel Hearne has been a goldsmith and jewellery designer for over 20 years and has exhibited both nationally and internationally. She specialises in bespoke commissions and contemporary designs.   She offers one to one tuition and specialist workshop classes both from her studio and Halton Mill.  She is currently lecturer of Jewellery and Silversmithing Nelson and Colne College teaching beginning, intermediate and advanced students over the past 10+  years which also take place at Halton Mill.

Website: https://rachelhearne.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RachelHearneJewellery/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rachel_hearne_jewellery/

Rainbow Therapies at the Rainbow Room

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Becky Dallender runs Rainbow Therapies from The Rainbow Room at Halton Mill. She offers various holistic and healing therapies including Indian Head Massage, Thai foot and hand massage, Aromatouch Technique, Reiki and Crystal Healing. Becky also have a small shop with crystals, himalayan salt lamps and incense sticks among other items for sale.  The Rainbow Room is also available for rent for very reasonable prices for small groups, 1-2-1’s and therapy sessions. Once a month Becky runs a mini holistic fair called Soulful Saturdays. Contact Becky at rainbowtherapies@hotmail.com/ 07974752610/ www.rainbowtherapies.org / www.facebook.com/rainbowtherapies777/ for more information.

Rebecca Ellis – River Room

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Rebecca manages the River Room for a range of teachers and events, and also teaches her own yoga classes and workshops for people of all levels of experience.  Her teaching combines yoga styles: synchronising breath and movement in the dynamic style of Vinyasa Flow, working closely with static posture alignment in Hatha and melting into the meditative, less dynamic postures of Yin. She weaves the philosophy of yoga, which goes back thousands of years, into the teaching of breathing techniques, physical postures, relaxation and meditation.www.theriverroom.org.uk  www.rebeccayoga.org.uk 07907374294

Sarah Galloway – Artist

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In addition to making and exhibiting her drawings and prints, Sarah has undertaken many large scale stained glass commissions, employing experimental and innovative techniques.  The exploration of light is an important aspect of her abstract and conceptual work, whilst she continues to push back the boundaries of her practice, re-defining the possibilities of glass through the adoption of contemporary methodologies. Sarah is a highly experienced teacher and runs workshops and courses throughout the year at The Mill.     07957 384 225



Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR)

SGR is membership organisation which promotes science, design and technology that contributes to peace, social justice and environmental sustainability. We carry out research, education and campaigning. Our staff are Stuart Parkinson, Jan Maskell and Vanessa Moss.

Still Thinking (UK) Ltd

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Barry Hymer and Elizabeth Dawson run Still Thinking (UK) Ltd. – an educational consultancy which takes Barry countrywide. He runs workshops and training for schools mostly in the area of Mindset Theory. He also usually has a book on the go. Elizabeth runs the business side of things and contributes intermittently to the writing.

You can check us out at www.barryhymer.wordpress.com

Tom Lelyveld MEng(Hons) CEng, Sustainability and Advanced Design – Aecom

Tom is a sustainable energy specialist who leads the North of England sustainability team for AECOM, a multi-disciplinary engineering company. When not working at AECOM offices in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool, he works from the Hive coworking space.


waternumbers is a consultancy offering tailored environmental data processing and forecasting solutions. Working with academic, intergovernmental, non governmental and commercial partners. waternumbers has developed cutting edge operational solutions to address the risks arising from natural hazards; particularly those relating to hydrological or meteorology. Further details of these projects and the tools developed can be found at waternumbers.co.uk


Charlie Pass works from The Hive running WildAid, a charity that connects people, particularly children, to wildlife.
Email: wildaiduk@gmail.com

Will Medd – Coach

Will is a professional life coach, coach supervisor, and meditation trainer, who is passionate to work with people who want to be at their best, feel fully alive and find peace with themselves.  He works one-to-one, in group and workshops settings, face-to-face and online. Clients come from the UK and abroad, from a range of professional backgrounds. A former academic Will regularly runs programmes and workshops in universities, including live coaching and writing retreats. He’s Rebecca’s partner- and runs iRest ® meditation classes in the River Room

http://www.willmedd.com and http://www.academiclives.com

With Love & Light

Sarah Livingstone: Memorial Glass art.  Creating handcrafted memorial glass art pieces


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Infinity3 are a award winning WordPress web design agency providing cost effective, high quality web design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. Through strategic website design that grabs the attention of your audience, we deliver high performing websites that help position and accelerate your brand. With an abundance of knowledge & amp; experience, we know how to deliver beyond expectations. Our 5-star reviews and loyal customers attest to our cost effective, high quality, professional and reliable website design services.
Tel: 01539303030
Email: hello@infinity3.co.uk
Web: https://www.infinity3.co.uk

*Community Spaces

LuneLab Makerspace – Elizabeth & Luke Mills

A community workshop where makers of all descriptions can meet, make, mend, tinker, play, learn, swap skills and work on both individual and collaborative projects.
LuneLab Makerspace

Rainbow Room – Becky Dallender

A gorgeous light healing space offering Reiki, Crystal Healing, Indian Head Massage and Aromatouch massage techniques.    http://rainbowtherapies.org/

River Room – Rebecca Ellis

A dedicated space aimed to provide retreat from the noise, stress and demands of daily life. Spacious, light and situated on the banks of the stunning River Lune, the River Room is perfect for yoga, meditation, mindfulness, therapeutic dance, and more.  http://theriverroom.org.uk/