We are a centre for creative and wellbeing activities.

Creative activities and spaces at Halton Mill

Many artists and craftspeople work at Halton Mill. We have a shared artists studio, with spaces for multiple individual artists, as well as Lunecraft studio, which can house up to four creatives. We also have a gallery space for exhibitions which showcases our own, and other local artists. There are weekly art classes and a range of one off workshops and events. 

We host Lunelab, a well equipped community maker and crafts space. It contains lathes, saws, work benches, tools, a kiln and potters wheel and clay, jewellery benches and much more. It is divided into a woodwork/ pottery makerspace and an arts and crafts teaching space, which is used for a variety of courses. Individuals can join Lunelab for just £10 a month, which gives 24/7 access and use of a locker.

We also have a flexible performance and rehearsal space, which is used by many performers for one off events. In 2016 we hosted MillFest, our first Music Festival, and we host regular arts and crafts fairs/open studios.  We have prepared a guide for marketing events at the Mill which you can find here

Wellbeing activities and spaces at Halton Mill

We have three beautiful wellbeing spaces.

The River Room is a large, beautiful first floor retreat space looking out on the river, the seminar room is a ground floor room with wooden floor and underfloor heating, and the Rainbow Room is a holistic health and beauty space which also works for small groups and courses. 

We attract many teachers and healers to run wellbeing courses or sessions at the Mill.  These include yoga, tai chi, movement meditation, mindfulness, non violent communication, natural nutrition, plant essences, gong healing, dance and more.