Environmental plan

Halton mill is developing an environmental plan which involves monitoring and improving our environmental performance.

Here is the initial draft outline.

Draft environmental plan December 2013

1. Review the information supplied by the building’s users

The information should be about the following aspects of the building and, as applicable, premises within it:

  • electricity consumption;
  • gas consumption;
  • other fuel consumption;
  • water consumption;
  • waste generation, management and recycling;
  • maintenance of plant and equipment used in connection with the above.

2. Agree annual targets

Targets should be set for:

  • the reduction of energy consumption, carbon emissions, water use and waste at the building;
  • the increase, where possible, in the use of plant and equipment based on renewable technologies, renewable energy, recycling of waste, recycled water and captured rainwater for the building;
  • other measures which it is practical to adopt in order to improve the environmental performance of the building.

3. Report annually

The report should:

  • contain a summary of the energy and water use and the waste generated by the building;
  • set out the targets agreed in section 2 above;
  • set out progress towards achieving the targets agreed for previous years and identify any other achievements (e.g. reductions in fossil fuel consumption).