January 8, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Classic Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan instructed by Steven Kidd, affiliated with the Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan.
Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese discipline that strives to cultivate the mind and the body through martial training, meditation and exercise.
When practiced regularly, Tai Chi provides extraordinary health benefits, improves balance, flexibility and strength while calming the spirit and reducing stress.

Much of Tai Chi is practiced in a slow, mindful way which provides a good workout without inflicting high impact stress on the body. This makes Tai Chi accessible to everyone, including those recovering from injury or suffering from joint conditions.

Steven has studied and practiced Tai Chi to a high level under the Master teacher Paul Florkowski, founder of the Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan. Steven studied intensively and quickly found a natural flare for this beautiful Martial Art. Steven used his Tai Chi to overcome a Chronic illness and now wishes to share the benefits of Tai Chi to help others achieve a balanced, healthy mind and lifestyle.

Steven will be teaching the Yang Cheng Fu Long Form, Push Hands, Qigong and various Martial Drills and Applications to further the students understanding of the form movements. Initially classes will be two one hour sessions a week with a view to holding more classes of a longer duration as the class expands. If you are interested please contact Steven directly at:

Email: stevenkidd85@hotmail.co.uk

Or visit Facebook page: Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, The River Room.

Phone: 07850018763. Thank you