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July 20, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Halton Mill
Mill Lane
Halton, Lancaster
Kevin Frea
07716 246672
Re-wilding the Voice: an Introduction to Vocal Improvisation @ Halton Mill

Do you long to sing freely, whilst also in harmony with others? Do you enjoy the spontaneity and magic of jam sessions, and wonder how to make that more of a Thing and get more skilful at it?

This is what vocal improvisation is all about. Music traditions around the world put improvisation at the centre of music rather than the periphery, honour it as sacred, and build exceptional skill around it.

This workshop is an introduction to methods for collaborative vocal improvisation – singing freely and courting emergent music as a group – that come from mainly from America, and which thrill Briony Greenhill, a British singer who has been performing since age 11. She now lives in California and teaches and performs vocal improvisation internationally.

Briony sings in The Elements quintet whose debut album, Listen, is perhaps the first ever entirely improvised five-voice album. She co-founded the London Vocal Improv Collective, Oakland’s Body Music Lab, and studied with Bobby McFerrin as well as in India and

You’ll have a better time at the workshop if you can comfortably sing in tune and feel / keep a beat.

Cost: £25 Contact