January 8, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm

Traditional Yoga & Meditation

Tuesdays – 6 to 7.15pm


(Drop-in at £8 per session)

This class offers a step-by-step approach to vibrant energy & health, through traditional Yogic teachings

  • happier relationships
  • better posture and postural awareness
  • improved breathing  
  • reduced anxiety and calmer emotions
  • greater focus, concentration and memory
  • deeper levels of relaxation and awareness

Through focusing on mindful body-breath co-ordination, we can achieve harmony and balance in all aspects of our lives

A basic level of fitness is required, but the sessions are open to beginners and experienced practitioners

Oliver has over fifteen years experience and trained in South India. He is a recognised Yoga Sadhak of Gitananda Yoga, a Dakshini Marga Tantra which dates back hundreds of years

Please contact Oliver if you have any questions: cothorne@hotmail.com and 07514 904812