August 15, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm

During the summer, Oliver is pleased to offer a five week course in Traditional yoga commencing on Tuesday the 27th of June. The class will run from 6pm until 7.15pm.

This course will be an introduction to Traditional Yoga which will appeal to those both with and without experience. It will be an opportunity for you to begin or deepen an existing practice by going step-by-step through series of traditional teachings, such as:

Jatti – body loosening and tension releasing exercises
Kriya – body and breath co-ordinated movements
Asana – simple sequences of body postures held for short periods of time
Pranayama – simple breath control exercises for health and balance
Nada – the yoga of sound, for healing, pranayama and for meditation
Mantra – an extension of Nada above, to include working with sacred syllables such as the Pranava Om
Shava asana – a practice all in itself, from where we shall relax in a number of different ways

We will work together gradually from the most simple postures such as sitting, standing, lying down, through to the more subtle practices of breath co-ordination, development, sound vibrations and relaxation. This makes the course accessible to anyone with an interest in Traditional yoga, while at the same time laying (or checking) the foundations appropriate for higher (more subtle) yogic practices.

The practices are in logical sequences which aim to establish a new understanding of the body and breath, and a new relationship between the governing sense (the mind) and the body – A logical sequence with clear rhythmic breathing establishes a trust between body, breath and the governing sense which allows for new levels of holistic integration.

During August, a second set of five weeks will be offered building on the foundations provided here, and there will be an opportunity for step-by-step continuation after the summer.

Everyone is welcome

Class size is limited to 12

Course cost – £40 (£8 x5)

Please contact Oliver at cothorne@hotmail.com to reserve your place