Musical Journeys 3: Rhythms and Harmonies around the world

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SATURDAY 12TH JUNE: lunchtime workshops, evening concert, late night Caribbean and Salsa dance party!



Now things are opening up a bit, why not host a Musical Journeys Gathering in your house or garden – we’ll supply the sound track and some appropriate international recipes!
Go to the MENU PAGE to get ideas for an international feast to go with the international music…

Concert from 7.30 p.m.

Sevilay Gök – Dr Sevilay Gök is a Turkish Baglama player, singer and lecturer.  Her playful yet introspective melodic and playing styles reflect her love of Turkish folk music and culture.    

 Solana Trio, a fabulous Bristol based world music trio who play rhythmically complex and harmonically rich music, inspired by folk traditions around the world; brother and sister Rowan and Tamsin Elliott and guitarist J.P. Wolfgang.

– Boom Bike Bourrée, a four piece lineup of hurdy-gurdy, beatbox, accordion and trombone, centred around Lancaster UK, who bring a mix of mediaeval dance music and hip hop beats! 

– and – if there’s time, a video of the Yandong Grand singers from South West China who are doing our lunchtime harmony workshop (the time difference means they can’t join us live)

LATE NIGHT DANCE PARTY – from 10pm till late

A Caribbean and Salsa dance party led by Phil Kaila


Workshops 12 noon to 4 p.m.

12 noon: an Arabic percussion workshop with Syrian musician Ali Hasan, now based in Berlin – no equipment needed (we’ll use our own bodies and a table!) – completed by a performance of Syrian dance with Ali’s compatriots Medhat Aldaabal and Mouafak Aldobal, our dance teachers from Musical Journeys 2.

1 p.m. a harmony singing workshop from Wu Jinyan and Wu Jizhen of the Yandong Grand singers from China, introduced by New York based Chinese musicologist Mu Qian

2 p.m. stop press – new! – a beatbox workshop with community music leader Ashley Murphy – covering the basics of beatboxing and some techniques to encourage you to go away and write your own beats! 

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3 p.m. a Salsa and Caribbean dance workshop with prize winning salsa dancer, Preston based Zambian Phil Kaila to get you ready for the evening dance party. 

The whole event is on ZOOM – and streamed to Facebook Live

Ticket pricing…

Access all day and evening : £10 (standard), £2.50 (concession), £25 (supporters)
Free to refugees and asylum seekers and those with limited resources

Your ticket money will go to provide payment for all our performers – most performance work has been cancelled during the pandemic so we’re very proud, with your help, to be able to pay proper fees for the work of our professional musicians and dancers.  Additional donations will be divided between two charities we are supporting: Global Link, who are setting up a new centre in Lancaster for refugees and asylum seekers; and A.C.E. (Achieve, Change, Engagement), who work with local young people aged 10-25 to help them improve their emotional health.

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