Celebrating the launch of our Changing Places toilet –
FREE taster sessions 12-5, Accessible Ceilidh 5.30-7.30

We’re celebrating the installation of a toilet at our Accessibility Open Day!   But why celebrate a toilet? Well it’s a very special “Changing Places” toilet, installed with the help of the National Lottery Awards for All. The movable hoist and adjustable height adult size bench means people who need assistance with personal care can get out and about without worrying about being caught short.  We think this is worth celebrating, and we are grateful to all our tutors, to the Caton Ceilidh Band and Jackie Malone, and of course to our Guest of Honour Steve Varden for helping us celebrate!   We hope you have a great day.

Friday 13 April 12 noon to 7.30 p.m.

People with disabilities & carers most welcome (and will have priority at taster sessions)

Here’s the programme – no need to book, turn up and sign up on the day.

1200-1245 GONG BATH with Ondray Botkoveli and Graham Bater   Hot drinks and cakes available all day, soup and wraps at lunchtime, veggie chilli at teatime
1300-1345 Mindfulness with Janette Edwards Intro to Ink Painting with Janet Robinson – session cancelled due to illness
1400-1445 Yoga with Rebecca Ellis Intro to Pottery with Sarah Livingstone from With Love And Light  
1500-1545 Easy Chinese for beginners with Qimei Li Intro to Pottery with Sarah Livingstone from With Love And Light Make a Muffin with Linda from You Can Flourish.
1500 – 1545 1600-1700 Atrium 1500 – 1545 – NEW – CAPOIERA with Fernando Bandeira


and 1600 – 1700  Drumming for all with Steve Hignett

1730-1930 FREE Accessible Ceilidh with the Caton Ceilidh Band, caller Jackie Malone
For children and adults, wheelchairs and walkers
With an interval performance by Guest of Honour Steve Varden and his Electric Wheelchair One Man Band Project


Steve Varden, our guest of honour, is a multi-talented and multi-disciplined performer. Amongst other abilities, he is a writer, actor, digital musician and traditional percussionist with far too many disabilities to his credit! Often delivering the unexpected, Steve is not afraid to go off script in order to make the best of any performance situation.
One of the main objectives of Steve’s one man band electric wheelchair project is to demonstrate that a musician with significant physical disabilities can perform independently within the mainstream event and festival scene.  Having often felt isolated and ignored in social and entertainment environments, over the years Steve has developed and refined a form of social interaction performance that motivates and encourages people from all walks of life and ages to interact and communicate with him in a creative and friendly way. Steve is passionate about his real life and everyday disability awareness training skills, which he interweaves into his life and into his interactions with people. Often on the edge of his own comfort zone, Steve will make an effort to interact and connect with people who would not necessarily normally or voluntarily interact with someone with severe physical disabilities.

The Caton Ceilidh Band is an exciting local band,with a wide repertoire of tunes from different traditions. They meet every Sunday evening in Caton and provide a warm welcome to  new  musicians.  Their caller Jackie,who also plays fiddle in the band, has been involved in folk music for many years. Since moving to Lancaster she has been proud to have played and called with the Caton  band for several fund raising Ceilidhs.


Here’s the poster – we had the addition of the Gong Bath at the last minute so it’s not on there yet!