Halton Mill Users Agreement and Guidance

Halton Mill is owned by Lancaster Cohousing Company Limited and managed by Green Elephant Co-operative Limited, on a non-profit basis.  As a Cooperative organisation we commit to maintaining our awareness of co-operative identity, values and principles, as expressed by the International Co-operative Alliance.  We intend to share common purposes with other co-operatives, in order to help each other and the co-operative movement as a whole to flourish, and we will work towards sustainable and resilient development of our local and international communities.

Values and Principles

As a user of Halton Mill, I/we agree to play my/our part in ensuring that Halton Mill flourishes as a working environment, by:

  • respecting each other’s needs;
  • sharing knowledge, resources and skills with each other;
  • promoting the Mill to potential new tenants and users; and
  • striving to reduce the environmental impact of my/our working activities.

I/we agree to:

  • use the Mill facilities in accordance with this agreement, the lease (where appropriate), the Tenants and Members Agreement, and any other agreements entered into, as relevant.
  • be responsible for my guests, visitors and course participants as appropriate and ensure that they abide by the terms of this agreement.
  • report promptly any loss of or damage to property and equipment in and around the Mill.
  • make it clear whether any information I/we share is private, confidential or free.
  • keep all private or confidential information strictly between the appropriate people only.
  • review my/our insurance provision, and keep it adequate and current.
  • ensure that all electrical equipment used at the Mill is in good order and ensure that any equipment older than 12 months is PAT tested on an annual basis.
  • familiarise myself/ourselves and comply with the fire precautions and procedures.
  • pay promptly all bills and charges relating to usage of the Mill facilities.
  • keep external doors locked before 8.30am, after 5.30pm, and at weekends.
  • use ecological materials and consumables (including paint) wherever practical.
  • use recycling bins wherever appropriate.
  • respect other Mill users and keep noise to a minimum.
  • use bikes, public transport, or sharing lifts wherever possible and to encourage our visitors, and event/course participants to do so.
  • ensure that we and our visitors and event/course participants park only in the correct designated spaces.
  • return any keys and other Mill property at the end of my/our tenancy or time using Halton Mill.
  • support and maintain the good reputation of Halton Mill, Green Elephant Co-operative and Lancaster Cohousing.

Advice and Guidance

  • Vehicles and property are parked, kept or used here at the owner’s risk.  Neither Green Elephant Co-operative Limited nor Lancaster Cohousing Company Limited accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles whilst parked on their land.
  • Bear in mind that any information, including business information, may be shared among Mill users, or more widely, if not designated or understood as private or confidential.
  • Please talk to any of the Green Elephant directors if you find any of this agreement unclear or onerous, or if you have reason to believe that any Mill user is not respecting these guidelines.
  • Regular users of Halton Mill are encouraged to become members of Green Elephant Co-operative.

I/we agree to the above terms:

Name __________________________________________________

Organisation (if any) __________________________________________________

Signature ______________________________

Date ___/___/___

Halton Mill Users Agreement and Guidance Revised March 2019