Flood outside 31 Forgebank Walk, 5th December 2015

Residents who live alongside the river Lune at Halton will be better prepared for any future floods after installing emergency equipment at Halton Mill.

Green Elephant Cooperative, which runs Halton Mill, was awarded a £10,000 grant to buy the equipment by the Lancashire Flood Appeal – Strengthening Communities Fund after the dramatic floods of December 2015.

Chris Coates, Site manager of Green Elephant Co-operative, said: “We now have a load of equipment that will help local residents if there is another flood and we have been able to become part of the Halton Parish Emergency Plan.”

The grant enabled the Co-operative to purchase a standby electricity generator, water pumping equipment and emergency first aid supplies, as well as a small flood barrier. Volunteers, who will swing into action in the event of another emergency, also received basic First Aid training. It means that Halton Mill can act as a secondary relief centre for the village if it floods badly again.

Halton Mill is next to the Forgebank Cohousing development in Halton. Forgebank resident Alison Cahn (pictured, left, with her husband Kevin, with the new flood barrier) whose house was very nearly flooded on Dec 5th 2015 said “ Let’s hope we never need to use them. But if it does happen again we will be much better prepared.