Welcome to Halton Mill – Induction

The Mill – Our Building & Working in it.

To create a vibrant and inspiring environment in which small businesses, social enterprises, community based organisations, craftspeople, artists and freelancers can flourish.

To do this with regard to the environmental impact of our business activities and to share resources and facilities.

The Mill is run by Green Elephant Cooperative. We invite all our tenants and users to become a member (cost £1) and to influence the running and direction of the Mill.

Members elect directors and can stand as a director. We have at least four Cooperative meetings a year where we discuss a range of issues and an AGM.

Everyone is invited to attend. - Ask a member of Mill Management if you would like to join.

The mill has an electronic door access system that requires a fob to get access.  Please speak to Fay or Alison to get one  - there is a £5 returnable deposit payable.

The buildings main doors are open:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 9pm

Sat & Sunday: 9am - 5pm

Outside of these times and to access the Hive and Makerspace you will require a fob.

Main entrance - ///passenger.classics.obeyed

Find your way around The Mill here

B4RN Broadband for the Rural North Wifi throughout the building.

B4RN is a community broadband provider who provide superfast fibre optic 1000 megabits per second broadband to Halton Mill.

There are seperate codes for The Hive, the public spaces and then individual offices in the building.

The WIFI codes can be found around the building.

In The Hive - see the notice board and also next to the pigeon holes.

In the public spaces - see the Mezzanine, near the light switches - the seminar room near the projector controls - the Atrium, outside the seminar room doors.

In the individual offices / workshops - please ask the tenant

There is no dress code at The Mill, though most people dress smart casual.

Halton Mill has limited parking around the building. Where possible we encourage you to use public transport, cycle or walk to The Mill.

Should you drive and not be able to park in the spaces marked ‘Halton Mill Visitor Parking’, please park on Forge Lane - the side of the road going up the hill in front of The Mill.

Alternative ways to get here:

Bus: Bus service from Lancaster - 49

Bike: We have plenty of bike parking, some of which is covered.

We also have showering facilities.

Halton Mill has active Facebook and Instagram pages where we share posts about The Mill, The Mill’s history and the events happening here.

Should you wish to have any details about you / your business or events you are holding shared on the social pages please email greenelephant@haltonmill.org.uk with the details.

Facebook - Haltonmillpage

Instagram - halton_mill

Please contact a member of the Mill management as soon as possible should you encounter a problem with the Mill building, surroundings or any other related issues - see above contact details.

There are a number of first aid boxes in the building. The Kitchenette, The Hive & The Cafe.

Our First aiders are:

Tea, coffee & milk is free for Mill tenants and Hive users. 

You can make drinks in the Hive, the kitchenette upstairs or the Mill cafe.

We have milk delvieries on a Monday and Thursday from the local milk man. He delivers both dairy (red lid) & Oat (green lid) milk. There should be milk available in both the upstairs and downstairs fridges.

/We all share the responsibiltiy to bring in the milk, label it and stick it in the fridge; and to put the empty/washed bottles back outside.

Other users of the Mill (not tenants & Hive users) should put a donation in the pots available in the cafe downstairs.

There are microwaves in the cafe and kitchenette which you can use, and you can heat up your food in the cafe oven if you wish.

Please wash your dirty crockery upstairs, and put it in the dishwasher downstairs - if it is full, put it on and if the crockery in it is clean, please empty it.

If you are preparing food in the cafe, please read our food hygiene guidelines.

Please note that occasionally the cafe is booked privately - you cannot use it at these times. Please check on the atrium monitor if it looks like there is a private booking going on.

There are rubbish and recycling bins in the kitchenette and atrium. If you have large amounts of recycling, you can put them directly in the recycling bins near the stone steps. 

Green waste (both raw and cooked) goes in the small grey/green bins in the kitchenette and cafe - don’t put teabags, avocado skins/stones, newspaper, coffee filters or meat/fish products in them. Don't use compostable bags - they don't break down quickly enough for a domestic composter. 

If you have large amounts please put them directly in the recycling/rubbish bins next to the stone steps by the main Mill entrance.

Don’t use the bins in the covered area near the atrium double doors - these are just for cohousing residents. 

There is also a Terracycle scheme which we support Bay Area Recycling. There are collection points in the upstairs kitchenette, and also outside the main entrance. Please check the Bay area Recycling Facebook page for more information on what you can recycle, Anything you do drop off, please make sure it’s clean, dry, and bagged separately by type. So all the toothbrushes in one bag, all the crisp packets in another, etc.

Would you like to run a workshop, class or event from The Mill?

There is a 10% discount on room rental for tenants, subtenants, & those who rent a full time desk in the Hive. 

Lancaster Cohousing residents get a 20% discount to fulfil planning requirements and to acknowledge the community’s past financial and time commitment to the Mill.

Email : greenelephant@haltonmill.org.uk for more information.

See our internal floor plan here.

Do use the Mill garden, down the steps on the riverside of the Mill.

In the warmer months tables and chairs are laid out here for outdoors lunches, meetings or just a nice sit out.

Please respect the space & ensure that the area remains litter free  - it belongs to Lancaster Cohousing, who kindly allow us to use it.

It is important to all at Green Elephant to hear from and listen to other users of our space. If you have any feedback regarding any aspect of the Mill please email greenelephant@haltonmill.org.uk, and if you have a testimonial that we could add to our website please send that over too! 

Our electricity comes from solar panels on our roof and from Halton Lune Hydro, a few hundred metres up the riverside track. 

Heating comes from a biomass boiler using woodchip offcuts from a local sawmill.

Tenants /  Art Space Users: If you rent a unit, you will be responsible for your own utility bills, which are metered and billed quarterly by Lancaster Cohousing. Please pay promptly, as the billing system is run by volunteers and it is unfair to make them chase you up.

Lancaster Cohousing, our landlord, insures the building. Green Elephant insures the communal areas of the Mill.

Tenants: If you rent your own unit, you are responsible for insuring your contents.

Tutors: If you run a course or event from the Mill, you will need your own public liability insurance.

The Mill – Our Community.

Halton Mill Regulars Email

Please email greenelephant@haltonmill.org.uk to be added to the ‘Mill Regulars’ email list. This is the best way to find out about things going on within the Mill community, including group lunches, events and information about the building that may affect you.

WhatsApp Group 

You can also join our WhatsApp lunch group if you’d like to know on the day if anyone is having lunch in the cafe or outside - just ask.

Monthly Newsletter

You can sign up for our Mailchimp monthly newsletter - just ask by emailing greenelephant@haltonmill.org.uk

Programme of Events

Twice a year we publish a programme of events - do pick one up and please pass them on to friends, or put them around your local area.

Internal Booking Screens

You can also see what is happening this week by looking at the Monitors in the Atrium and upstairs kitchenette.

Our working spaces reflect our philosophy of being a collaborative working community, supporting each other, sharing facilities, knowledge and ideas so it is nice to get to know those that you are sharing the space with.

Please send a photo and a bit of information about you and your work to greenelephant@haltonmill.org.uk so we can add you too.

We will use this internally on our Who’s who wall which is located in The Atrium, and also on our website here

Please let us know if you don’t wish to appear on the website.

See where everyone is based in The Mill here

Lunelab Makerspace, on the ground floor, is a community workshop with potters wheels and clay, and a woodworking space. - Website

You can join and get 24/7 access for £10 a month. Please email contactus@lunelab.org.uk for more information or to look round or ask Alison/Chris/Fay to show you the space.

The Rainbow Room is a gorgeous light healing space offering Reiki, Crystal Healing, Indian Head Massage and Aromatouch massage techniques. Ran by Rebecca Dallendar who offers a range of massage and healing therapies to uplift, relax and rejuvenate you! Mondays-Saturdays by appointment only

Therapies available: Swedish Massage, Reiki, Crystal healing, Indian Head Massage, Thai Hand & Foot Massage and Aromatouch Massage Technique, Access Bars, Tropic Facial Therapy.

The Rainbow Room is available for rent for very reasonable prices for small groups, 1-2-1’s and therapy sessions. Contact Becky at rainbowtherapies@hotmail.com or on 07974752610 & see Becky’s Website or Facebook for more information.

The River Room provides a peaceful, low-cost space for teaching, healing and range of contemplative practices. We attract many of the wonderful teachers and practitioners from the local area as well as bringing inspiring individuals from further afield. In this way, The River Room operates as an oasis of calm, introspection, and mind-body awareness which we believe are increasingly necessary in the turbulent and pressured times we live in.

Rebecca manages the River Room for a range of teachers and events, and also teaches her own yoga classes and workshops for people of all levels of experience.

See more at Rebecca’s websites: The River Room and Yoga with Rebecca Or Contact Rebecca on 07907374294

During the canoe season members of Brisith Canoeing frequestly use our facilities.

Their allocated parking spaces are coned off during the season and Mill users cannot use these.

See what attracts the canoeists to Halton here - Halton Rapids

Our Local Area.

Where possible we encourage our users to use public transport, cycle or walk to The Mill.

We are easily accessible from the cycle path that runs from Morecambe, through Lancaster and out to Caton. See the traffic-free way to get to Halton Mill from Lancaster here.

From Halton Mill, the cycle path is best accessed via Mill Lane and over Denny Beck Bridge.

See the Local cycling map.

There are buses leaving from Halton

There may be the opportunity to car share - please email greenelephant@haltonmill.org.uk if you would like to find someone from your area to car share with.

Halton Mill is owned by Lancaster Cohousing community, which built the 45 ecohomes and communal facilities surrounding the Mill.

Many cohousers rent space in the Mill or come to classes and meetings here. 

Find out more here.

We are lucky to have such a supportive landlord. Please don’t make a noise if you leave the Mill late at night or arrive early morning, as it is a residential area.

Places to eat -
Walking from the Mill -

We are extremely lucky to be situated on the banks of the River Lune, from here you can walk along the river towards Caton or Lancaster, along walking tracks and cycle path.

Walking upstream from Halton Mill you can walk to the Crook-of-Lune, where you will find picturesque views, further walking paths and Woodies - where you can get a burger and enjoy a 'brew with a view', Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9-3pm (extended opening in the summer months)

Walking downstream towards Lancaster you can visit the Lune Aquaduct and access the canal.

Local shops -
Recreation activities in the local area - 

Halton Lune Hydro, which provides some of our electricity, is a community owned scheme on the weir, a few hundreds yards up the riverside track.
There are volunteer opportunities at the Hydro - either during the annual drain down in the summer or to help with fish monitoring - weighing and measuring some of the salmon and trout.
Contact Kevin.frea@gmail.com to find out more.
See more on their website too.

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