Services and facilities

Green Elephant, the cooperative managing Halton Mill, provide a number of services and facilities to support tenants.

These include:

Broadband – B4RN Broadband for the Rural North Wifi throughout the building.

B4RN is a community broadband provider who provide superfast fibre optic 1000 megabits per second broadband to Halton Mill – see the images for wireless and wired speeds!


Building management – Part time site manager, Chris Coates, oversees the building; & Alison Cahn, a part time operations manager, works with Amber Edmondson who oversees the administration, finance, bookings & marketing whilst acting as first point of contact for tenants and Mill users.

Printing/photocopying services – we have a multi-functional printer/photocopier/scanning machine available for use by tenants

Networking – we organise networking events for tenants to get to know each other, exchange ideas and offer support.

Virtual Office facilities – for £10/month we provide a virtual address, mail keeping, plus the possibility to use the hotdesking and printer facility for up to 10 hours in any month.

Parking – there are car parking spaces available for tenant and visitor use, including two disabled spaces.

They are limited, so please use the spaces marked for Halton Mill tenants and their visitors.

Recycling – Halton Mill is a Terracycle recycling collection point for use by everyone. Part of a wider Bay Area Recycling network. At our recycling point we accept all recycling streams listed on the Bay Area Recycling website.

Community car club – there is a car club, run mainly for the use of Lancaster Cohousing members, which Mill tenants are potentially able to join

Security – the building will normally be locked out of hours (before 8.30, after 5.30 and at weekends).

Tenants and users can get fobs to gain access outside these hours.

Collaborative marketing for events & tenants – we publish a two-monthly ‘Run of the Mill!’ calendar in the village newsletter ‘Parish Prattle’ and distribute this in poster form around the village and in Lancaster. 

We also publish editorial in the Prattle and occasional local and national press releases and social media items including news about our tenants. See for more details.