“Myself and my daughter are delighted with what we see. I was sad when I sold the place and distraught when I saw how it was falling to ruin. I could never imagine it being put to a better use by a better bunch of people, people who appreciate and love this place as much as my father did.”                                                                                                                                                                                    Eva Hermacinski, former owner and managing director of Halton Mill, and daughter of Halton Mill’s founder


“Moonloft is very excited about moving to Halton Mill and working alongside like-minded, forward thinking companies and individuals who value sustainability and ethical business practices. The new Moonloft office will overlook the River Lune which will not only provide a lovely view to inspire our designs but should also soon be powering our customers’ websites! We feel proud to be part of such a pioneering green business and community project in Lancaster, our home city.”                                                           Adele Armistead, creative director, Moonloft Web Design

“As a business network that tries to encourage its members to be as cooperative and sustainable as possible the Ethical Small Traders Association is looking forward to working with the Halton Mill project and being resident in what promises to be one of the most creative and innovative business spaces in the Lancaster area.”                                                                                                       Michael Hallam, director, Lancaster Ethical Small Trader Association (ESTA)

“The Mill has been fantastic for my workshops – more than just renting a space, it offers a relaxed atmosphere, stimulus for creating different perspectives and working beyond habit, the inspiration of the river and a support team ready and willing to adapt to what you need, including different options for the spaces”

Will Medd, Professional Certified Coach, Coaching, for Clarity, Courage and Commitment

Green Elephant at Halton Mill has signed up to the Coworking Manifesto