Writing retreats at Halton Mill

If you need to ‘get away from it all’ and get on with that writing project, Halton Mill offers a perfect place to do it.

If you know exactly what you’re doing and just need the space to do it, come and work in the Hive for a week, with your own desk, wired or wif hyperfast broadband.  Costs are £10 for 10 hours – so £35 for a 9-5 working week; or 60 for 80 hours, or £100 for a fulltime desk for a month.

Some people may need a little encouragement with their writing. Perhaps you’d like to talk through your work each day, get some support, meet up with others in a similar situation?  And others may be completely blocked – have you come up against ‘the wall’ in your publishing career?   Oral historian Dr Fiona Frank, who has many years of supporting people to achieve their goals, and qualified coach Dr WIll Medd, are working together to offer “supported” or “transformative” writing retreats at the Mill.  “Supported” retreats with Fiona Frank and other colleagues cost £200 for a week (plus cost of hire of the desk in the Hive), and include morning and evening sessions where you get the chance to talk through your project and set and review daily goals.  “Transformative” retreats, with Will Medd, cost £800 for a week (plus cost of the hire of the desk in the Hive),  Will’s transformative coaching practice is based on “forming a relationship that provokes you to discover the clarity, courage and commitment you need to change your experience of work and life and to deepen the connections that matter”.  See more on his website

You’ll find classes in tai chi, art, and a range of different yoga practices suitable for all levels, and massage services, offered in the Mill most days.  Most classes are accessible on a drop-in basis where space is available, and several of the tutors also offer private sessions.  Taken in moderation these provide a perfect complementary break to your writing activity.

For more information contact Fiona Frank at Halton Mill 07582 789406 / greenelephantcoop@gmail.com or Will Medd tel 07792 689857

Or just book a free trial day in the Hive and take it from there!