Our Working Space

Our working spaces reflect our philosophy of being a collaborative working community, supporting each other, sharing facilities, knowledge and ideas.

So while we have private offices, workshops and studios, we also offer shared office, workshop and studio space, and places to meet and network. You can explore some of these spaces on this page.

If we don’t have what you want currently available, we’ll try to work some magic and find space for you, or put you on our waiting list. Contact Fiona on 07582 789406 or email greenelephantcoop@gmail.com

The Hive Coworking space

A well equipped, friendly co-working space –  bring your laptop and hook up to our hyperfast broadband, wired or wirelessly. 

Offices and workshops

We have 14 workshops and offices sized between 15 and 80 sqm. See what’s available and rents here.